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Checker Plus notification banners disappear after 5 minutes in Windows 10.

I have recently changed the OS in this laptop from Win 7 to Win 10 Pro. I have retained Checker Plus for Gmail, using it both for Win 7 and Win 10. The one thing which aggravates me about its performance in Win 10 is that, even though I've set the banner in Checker Plus to never close, as I did in Win 7, in Win 10 it disappears after 5 minutes regardless.

I have both disabled and uninstalled the Win 10 Action Center to no avail. I think it still tries to send the notification to the Action Center regardless.

If anyone has Checker Plus with Win 10 and is able to keep the banners on display until you act on them, I'd love to know how you did it. It's annoying to have settings disregarded. Thanks in advance.


  • Hmm, well I haven't it beyond 5 minutes (you confirm minutes and not seconds?)

    Have you tried disabling the Chrome specific notification options in Windows to disable the action center...

  • Yes I have. The box is unchecked.

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