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Notification primary only

I have been trying to get it working and finally did after seeing a post from 6 years ago by John Hunsaker. I have my social, forum and promotions tabs along side my primary and couldn't get it to only monitor the primary. I would either have to remove the other labels from main bar or get notified about every tab mail. I tried the option mentioned 6 years ago i finally found it it does work for me thank god !!! Was wondering if i made wrong contribution at first for this program application.


  • Awesome glad the work i spend maintaining and replying to this forum is working ☺

  • I guess I spoke too soon. Just like a few other attempts and formats it worked for a few days and then back to to the start where it doesn't notify me with my primary mail. Can't really say why it does that. I will just stop relying on it for notification and if anything leave the little icon in right corner next to my Google sign in avatar and at least click it instead of going through other applications and home pages to check mail. I like having labels on Google mail page so I can't be notified everytime an update, promotion or forum email comes in and it separates them and filters. If the promotion tab label starts filling up i'll take time once in awhile to see what is in it but don't care to be notified all the time. If I remove any of the labels then it directs that category of email to inbox primary. Thanks anyway for the effort and hopefully some sort of revisions can be applied. SHANE

  • The primary label is a tricky one as it's relatively new and is really a combination of things, read this and the links within to understand it https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Monitor_only_the_Primary_category_tab

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