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Scrollbar doesn't allow viewing of all emails

I often don't check my email for a few days at a time, and believe I used to be able to use the scroll bar to quickly make a quick pass through my inbox. The scrollbar used to allow me to scroll through...no matter how long the list. The functionality seems to have changed; now, it seems like I have to keep clicking on the Chrome/Checker Plus icon to refresh the email list. I imagine the length of the new inbox emails is limited to speed things up? Perhaps there is a setting one can use to determine how long the list is? I'd like to set it at 100 or something...so when the list is long, I can quickly hammer through the list. Love your work, Jason...thank you!


  • Can you send me a screenshot?
  • Hmmm...it's not a static thing; it's dynamic...in that the 'inbox' emails that are shown are only populating with a set number of emails when clicking on the icon. If I refresh or close and reopen the extension, it's repopulated with a new batch of emails to review. After going through the new batch...then in order to see more...I have to continue repeating the process. Like I said, kinda hard to send a screenshot of that process. At the moment, I have 51 unread emails, and I can only see 20 at a time. After I go through those 20, I'm delivered a new batch of 20 to review. Not sure if it's an extension limitation, my laptop memory (should be OK, I think), or ?? Does that help?
  • Ah yes my extension shows a maximum of 20 unread emails, hence the behaviour, the alternative would be to use the Gmail inbox view - more info http://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Popup_window
  • Now that's pure beauty, Jason! Thank you sooo much for the tip! I'll use your recommended view like 90% of the time...then when I'm cranking through those huge batches...I'll switch over the Gmail inbox view as you suggested. But...I might be enamoured with the gmail beta view...and stick w/it. Awesome...thank you!
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