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Mac Catalina - Google cal notification sounds working, but desktop notifications not

I have done a fresh install of Chrome, the plugin and the OS (for various reasons) and I am unable to get the notifications for the Checker Plus for Google Calendar to properly display the visual notification. I believe the sounds are working, but the actual desktop notifications are not.

Tested Desktop notifications to see if it was a OS / Chrome issue, and it is not as this works: https://web-push-book.gauntface.com/demos/notification-examples/

Is this some oddity with Catalina and how it treats Chrome extensions?


  • So the default notification option for my calendar extension is a popup window. Have changed any options after the fresh install?

  • Hey Jason,

    Thanks for the super quick response. See the screenshot of my settings. I made sure to re-set these settings to these as well when I reinstalled chrome / the extension. Clicking the bell icon next to "Rich notification" did not open any Desktop notification.

  • Try referring to this https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Notifications_are_not_working

    Also can I ask why you don't stick with the "Popup window" default notification? does it work.

  • I came across that before posting here...

    1. I'm not on Windows
    2. It has mail specific settings, etc.

    I followed it as much that applied.

    With that being said, the Rich Notifications are better suited for my needs and stay above all other applications on MacOS due to the notifications system. I did not try the Popup Window option.

    As of an hour or two ago, I migrated back to Mojave for this and a plethora of other reasons. Sorry I can't provide any more insight, but if its not fixed, I'm sure I'll come across it again when Catalina becomes more stable.

  • Hi,

    I am experiencing the same thing with Catalina but for Gmail. I got chime sound every time I get a new email but no push notifications. I have also reinstall the plugin and got everything up to date. I thought it was a chrome issue so I tested a push notification using another web and it is working. Please let me know what I can do to fix the issue.

    Thank you

  • @Duc Tran Can you investigate any new notification settings within Catalina, perhaps they've changed things or they just have some issues.

  • They did change a few settings around here and there as a part of Catalina, however, nothing that I changed allowed it to work. Even went into the Notifications panel in System Preferences and confirmed that Chrome had the ability to send any notification type, and even gave all the permissions that I could give it. Still no luck.

  • I agree with Brian also I go to option and click on the test it out button. It doesn't show me the sample notification as well.

  • Also on Catalina with the same problem. I tried testing it out a few times and eventually got this popup:

    Error: TypeError: Cannot read property 'close' of null You might have disabled the notifications

    But I do have chrome notifications enabled.

  • @john.ruttenberg @Duc Tran I've successfully tested a patch for Mac Catalina, it will be available soon in an extension update. Thanks for reporting this one early.

  • Glad to help, @Jason! Keep up the good work!

  • Ok thank you very much @Jason

  • @Jason Thanks Jason, let us know when the update is available.

  • I’ve been trying to solve this problem for two hours! I'm not alone! 😀

    I have the same problem with MacOS Catalina(

    I have sound, but no push notification. Chrome has all permission for that

  • @Gaurav Parab @john.ruttenberg @Duc Tran Good news v21.6.13 is out with the fix, you can reinstall to force it and test it, or wait for the auto-update to eventually kick in.

  • edited October 2019

    @Jason Bingo!

    Checker Plus for Gmail v21.6.13

    MacBook Pro 2017

    macOS Catalina v10.15 - All is work again!

    @Jason Thank you so much! 🙌🏻

  • @Jason I also have this problem with checker plus for google calendar. It might be related to the same issue. Can you please have a look at this

  • Fixed for me as well.

  • @Gaurav Parab Thanks for reminding me, I have patched the calendar in v26.0.5 and the drive extension as well in the latest updates. Note that the calendar only used desktop notifications if you explicitly changed them in the options. You can reinstall them to force the updates.

  • @Jason thanks for all the help

  • I have the same issue with Mac Catalina, on the Checker Plus for Gmail as I have G Suites. I hear the notice but there's no visual anymore. I've followed all your directions and deleted the extension, shut off computer and rebooted, downloaded the newest version and reinstalled the extension but no difference. :~(

  • @Cathryn Peters I and others confirm this specific issue has been resolved. For other notification issues refer to this https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Notifications_are_not_working

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