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Addon pop-up size bug ?

edited September 2019 in Checker Plus for Gmail

Hello, did you change something in the extention or did I miss clicked something ?

since this morning the popup is not full size :(

any idea how to fix it ?

edit : I deactivated/reactivated addon and nothing changed

edit2 : restarted computer, nothing changed


  • i have the same problem

  • edited September 2019

    I deleted the app from chrome and re-installed it and it look better know.

    there is a +/-1sec delay before it take 100% size; it's not smooth

    hopefully it will be fixed :(

  • @Andrea Baccolini and Demky

    So you did the right think by reinstalling the extension and forcing the latest fix on the issue. I can see it's not perfect but the issue arose with the latest Chrome update.

    Which browser and version are you using?

  • Google Chrome

    Version 76.0.3809.132 (Build officiel) (64 bits)

  • I'm wondering if the delay is due to the large amount of accounts. Would you be able to do some tests.

  • edited September 2019

    wait I have a google id with only one account

    edit : need to reinstal the addon on my other google account too, it's still buggued on it

  • edited September 2019

    So last resort is I could force the window to always open at maximum height, but I don't know how everyone would react to this. I believe lots of users keep their inbox to only a few emails and don't require the whole height.

  • edited September 2019

    is it hard to add it as an option ?

    what do you mean max height ? isn't it the normal height ?

    Do you know that when we uninstal extention, there is a form but there is no submit button

  • this account only got one email adress :

  • So it looks a bit better with only one account, correct?

    For the uninstall page issue, do you have ad blockers that might be interfering with the page? trying disabling them and let me know


  • edited September 2019

    yes it look better with less account, look like it's 0.005sec :)

    yes I use adblock but since when is adblock blocking a <button> ? 😩

    I tried to open https://jasonsavard.com/uninstalled with internet explorer (no adblock) and the page is just white (empty)

    I opened it with chrome secret mode (no adblock) and there was no button

  • I have same problem tried with and without adblock weird and i have 4 emails in

  • @SuikaIbuki reinstallthe extension to force the latest update.

  • Hello,

    just to give you news;

    I changed nothing and today the bug was back :

  • and you have v21.6.11.1 ?

    does it happen everytime you open the popup window? or sometimes?

  • edited September 2019

    same problem for me- one account, chrome ver. 76.0.3809.132 , Checker ver 21.6.5


    clicking that icon cause window stretches and it looks normal then (till I close it ofcourse ;)

  • @JanKubala Have you done multiple tests by opening an closing the popup, are you sure it's dependant on ublock? are you using ublock or ublock origin, right click the ublock icon and ublock to identify the install page.

  • I'm sorry u've got right, its ublock independed, just randomly Checker open normally (one on ten tries)..

  • @JanKubala Thanks for the info, can you try reinstalling the extension to force the latest version and tell me if that helps.

  • wow, it looks like its ok now (after reinstall) :)

  • edited September 2019

    Forwarded from this thread.

    Same problem - reinstall helped

  • Just un-installed and re-installed will see if this changes the behavior of the issue

  • edited September 2019

    5 new emails and same issue, so the re-install didn't fix anything. Ugh

    What I did find however, is once the issue happens if I click on the app to close the window and click a second time to open up it works the way it should So seems some race condition somewhere possibly causing the issue

  • @David Durst so there is one solution to always force the popup window to maximum height, the negative is there will be lots of white space if you don't have unread emails. Thoughts anyone? Also annoying is im not sure what % are experiencing the issue.

  • My thought is there is lots of white space now so IMO that doesn't solve the issue. I'd almost rather open and close and open again it takes a few seconds but at least they show up correct now. I'm curious if this an app issue or chrome issue? Seems chome did an update but not in the last few days that I know of.

  • @David Durst to clarify the current erroneous white space with scroll bars would not exist if i forced the maximum height regardless how many unread emails. And yes it's a Chrome update that triggered the issue.

  • I think for now I'm good with the app. Lets see what happens with the next update on Chrome, If it gets really annoying I'll let you know. Thanks for the help.

  • I am also experiencing this issue.

    I wonder what Chrome updated to create such a conflict with the extension...

  • @AdamBridges Are you running the latest extension version, can you reinstall to force the latest update.

  • Updated to V. and things appear to be working now.

    Thanks, Jason, I'll follow up if anything changes.

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