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Email Notifications Not Showing Message Title

Since the roll-out of new desktop notifications for Chrome (the chrome://flags/ option to disable them has been removed), the Checker Plus Gmail notifications no longer include the title of the message -- they just include the first few lines of content. This behavior has been observed in Chrome 76.0.3809.100 on both 64 and 32-bit Windows 7. It also occurred in Chrome 75 on the same platforms; but, Chrome 75 supported the option to disable the new notifications.


  • Is the issue happening on Windows 10? because I don't think i'm going to support windows 7

  • I don't have a Windows 10 box; but, the issue is easily tested by anyone that does: enable notifications in the latest chrome, and send yourself an email. BTW, Windows 7 still has over 37% market share.

  • This is happening to me now that my Chromebook has updated to Chrome 76. I see the account email address (I have two different email addresses that are checked by Checker Plus) and then only the first few lines of text, but no subject, and no sender. At the moment, there is now no context to the notification pop-ups, only lines of text from the email itself.

    I've attached a screenshot of the notification on my Chromebook when sending an email from my husband's Gmail account to mine. Hope this is helpful.

    Samsung Chromebook Pro, Chrome OS Version 76.0.3809.102 (Official Build) (64-bit)

  • @Sarah Rainsberger I've added a fix specific for Mac and ChromeOS in v21.6.11.1 you'll have to reinstall to force the update. Essentially these new notifications don't allow more than 1 line in bold, so I have to push the subject and sender just before the message.

  • Thanks, just reinstalled. :)

  • Hi. Mine is doing the exact same thing as Sarah's – screenshot looks identical. I'm using Chrome on a Win8.1 machine. I just experienced a "corruption" of the extension, so it's freshly reinstalled, but the issue persists.

    Also (possibly not related, but it started at the same time as the missing sender/titles), the notifications often appear doubled, and randomly (not noticed a pattern, anyway) minimized. Also, they'll often not disappear, even though there's a timeout specified.

    Chrome v76.0.3809.132 (Official Build) (64-bit)

    Thanks much!

  • Hello Again,

    I tried lot to fix the problem but I could not.

    I'm not getting desktop notification form my checker plus addon which one i install in my pc windows 10.

    I reinstall these app several time but it could not work for me.

    is there any problem with those addon please ?

    I'm looking forward hearing something form you.

    Thanks Again,


  • @Masud Ahmed This thread is for a missing title not notifications, please open another thread if you cannot solve missing notifications with this help https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Auto-detect_sign_in_issues

  • So, I'm having similar issues and found out some information.

    The "Display Account Receiving Email" function seems to be overwriting the sender's email and the message overwrites the title.

    Using only the Sender's email and title, the display account receiving email overwrites the sender's email.

    To make a long story short.. I de-selected the Display Account Receiving Email checkbox and it's a lot better.

  • @Rich Ammons Can you try reinstalling to the latest version, I posted a fix for this for Mac and ChromeOS in v21.6.11.1

    Which OS are you using, can you send me a screenshot of the issue?

  • It’s on my work computer. I’ll send a screenshot tomorrow.

    But running Windows 10. Latest version of Chrome and did reinstall. Still has the same issue. I’ll take a screenshot with the checkbox selected for that option

  • Alright, here are my results..

    Test 1:

    Result 1:

    This displays the account receiving email (currently using two separate accounts) and the message only.

    Test 2:

    Result 2:

    This displays the account receiving email and the subject.

    Test 3:

    Result 3:

    This displays the first name & last name (my email displays this backwards because I think my IT staff have this backwards lolz) and the subject.

    Test 4:

    Result 4:

    This displays everything you'd want to see. Except the display email... but for me, it's minor since I use both emails normally. But it's not functioning as it should.

    I'm on..

    Hope this helps!

  • @Rich Ammons Ok i pushed a fix, reinstal the extension to force v21.6.12

  • @Jason it worked! Thanks!!

  • @Jason

    Working again, thanks very much! :O)

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