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Could you change the re-validating payment system?

I use Chromebooks at work and I'm regularly grabbing random chromebooks and logging into them since all my cloud stuff will be there. Each time I do that, however, my Savard extensions go back to the free version. I have to then go dig up my receipt number and plug that in and wait until it's approved.

Could the validation be based on the Google account rather than the receipt number? I think it would be best if the app recognized a paying Google account that's logged into that browser and then automatically displays the paid version. I have other paid chrome extensions that do this, like Screencastify. I always have the paid version on whatever chromebook I log into.

Love the apps though! Thanks for all your work. Fix this one problem and I'll send more money. :)



  • Interesting, most of my Google extensions work similarly, however the screenshot extension is not associated to a Google account, so it would have to rely your Chrome sync account.

    Are you referring specifically to one of my particular extensions?

  • Yup, you got it. It's the screenshot extension.

  • when you log into your Chromebook are you signing into Chrome also? sorry i don't have much experience with chromebooks.

    and when you sign into does it sync your extensions?

  • Yup, there's two levels of sign in, which are most often the same account. Sign into the Chromebook's operating system on start up. (ChromeOS) and then into the Chrome browser just like you would on any device to sync browsing data.

    One solution might be to just add the login feature under the "Already contributed?" link. Users would just opt to log in to validate their account. Would that work?

  • So I looked at the code and it designed to unlock the features if you are signed into Chrome and you install the extension. But perhaps the process is reversed for some people. You gave a good suggestion, i'll look into that also, but I don't how many people sign into chrome.

  • Thanks! Good luck. :)

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