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DND Feature Request

In addition to selecting a calender event, it would super helpful to be able to select a specific calendar. If I were to use one of my many calendars to block out when I'm say studying, I could select that and it would automatically enable and disable the DND but ignore the events on all of the other calendars.

Also worth pointing out that your extensions were the only thing that made my recent migration to ubuntu manageable. Thanks SO much!


  • Is this in relation to my Gmail and Calendar extension or just the calendar one?

    So you would set DND during events of one particular calendar, meaning if you had overlapping events from other calendars you would not get notified?

  • This would be for both the Gmail and Calendar extensions. I choose to sync them with the DND option.

    I think you've got it right. If it were tied to a single calendar, or multiple selected calendars, then overlapping events on the remaining calendars wouldn't impact the enabling and disabling of DND.

    Here's a case in point. I have 14 calendars, some linked and some not. For this reason everyday is full of overlapping events so DND turns on at 0600 and off at 2200. What I'd ideally be able to do is have DND go on and off multiple times per day by choosing which calendar(s) it's using.

    Thanks for the quick response and interest! I'm always more likely to support a developer that cares.

  • Ok i'll take note of this and put it in my queue of suggestions, I usually tackle of few of them with every bug fixing round. Thanks again for the details.

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