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Monitoring "All mail" but opening "Inbox"


I have "Checker Plus for Gmail" monitoring all my gmail account and checking if there is any mail unread on any label, including "inbox" and "stared". It happens I want it to open my "inbox" as default when i click on a notification, instead of opening "all mail"! I wasn't able to achieve that even tweaking some settings. No matter what, clicking on a notification will open my "all mail". What can I do?



  • Refer to "Open this label" under the Accounts/Labels options tab.
  • That didn't work. image

    As you can see it is monitoring "all mail", it is set to open "inbox" yet when an email arrives and i click the notification it opens the "all mail" tab.
  • Just to confirm if you click on a notification - it should open the "email", correct?
    but i think if you select to monitor the "all mail" then yes it will open the "email" and you will be in the "all mail" folder. unless you monitor the inbox label than it shoud open the email and land you in the inbox
  • Yes, that's what's happening and it's boring and unproductive for me.
  • Try monitoring only the labels you want to monitor instead of all.
  • But I want it to monitor my "all mail" and at the same time I want it to open "inbox" after clicking on a notification email. But if that isn't possible it's okay; I'll try other extensions or services to handle it. 

    Thank you anyway!
  • Oh wait, if you just want an extra option to open the Inbox "instead" of the email, than that's easy, I can add that option in the next version in the dropdown... http://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Desktop_notifications#Notification_buttons
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