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Archive Deleting Emails?

Hey there! Long time user of Checker Plus for Gmail, but recently I've noticed that my messages are not going where they should be going, or are being outright deleted. I usually archive all of my transactions and orders, but when I check my gmail's archived, or search All Mail, I'm unable to find the emails I had archived. It seems to be random which get saved and which don't. The same occurs with my deleted, or mark as spam. Sometimes they won't mark as spam, sometimes they don't delete and wind up archived or just in my inbox.

I've removed and reinstalled the extension,

I've restarted the browser,

cleared everything in the browser

and restarted with a fresh install.

Checked to see if other extensions were interfering with it.

I am at a total loss at this point. Any suggestions?


  • So you've performed the correct steps including checking the all mail, but if the email is not found there then my extension is not the culprit, since it doesn't have the ability to permanently delete emails, only move them to trash.

    Do you perform quick successive actions on your emails with the extension?

    Can you try replicating a scenario that leads to an issue.

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