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Memory usage - 3.5GB

Looks like a bit too much for an email extension. By the way, I noticed that the popup UI began loading slower in one of the recent versions (a couple of months ago), maybe it's related.

Let me know if I can provide more information to help debug this.


  • So memory issues are difficult to determine, they are usually intermittent and affect only a few users, try this thread https://jasonsavard.com/forum/discussion/5067/high-ram-usage

  • I restarted it, left it overnight (about 10 hours of being idle), and now it's using 850 MB of memory. So looks like a memory leak.

  • Try reinstalling the extension using the default options.

  • I changed from "Add Accounts and stay signed in" to "Auto-detect signed in accounts" and now the issue seems to be gone. I'd prefer to use "Add Accounts and stay signed in", you know the benefits. Any way to troubleshoot it further?

  • Ok that's interesting.

    So some good news is that Chrome is updating to manifest v3 for extensions meaning background persistent will be disabled and replaced with event pages. Meaning the extension will completely be unloaded from memory after ~5 seconds of inactivity. This poses other challenges for me, but i'm working on the code update, it will take a couple of months as it's a significant change.

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