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Checker Plus Gmail Notifications and Windows Action Center

Hello, I'm currently using both of your Gmail and Calendar extensions for Chrome on Windows 10.  For the Gmail extension, it would be much better if the Gmail notifications that are set to close after (X) seconds would move into the Windows 10 Action Center (instead of permanently disappearing). That way, if you are away from the computer for a bit, and miss a notification, it will still be listed in the Action Center. This is currently how your Calendar extension works, and it is much better. With your Calendar extension, the notification will move (hide) into the Action Center after (X) seconds, instead of permanently disappearing.  Would this be possible for a future release of your Gmail extension?  I hope so!  And I hope my suggestion makes sense.  I do realize that the Gmail notifications will move into the Action Center if you click the arrow on the notification.  However, what I'm suggesting is having them show up in the Action Center automatically after they close after the set (x seconds) time frame.  Thanks!


  • Can you send me a screenshot of your calendar settings for the notification and i'd like to compare it with the gmail settings for notifications.
  • Sure. I'll send your both. Here is the Calendar setting:

    And here is the Gmail setting:

    I think the key difference is that the Calendar setting "Hides" the notification after X seconds where as the Gmail setting "Closes" the notification after X seconds.  Apparently, "Hiding" actually moves in into the Action Center.
  • So the wording is really just my own inconsistency, but there are other possible differences that were not intended, but I'd like to determine what's causing the difference. In the calendar can you change the hide after to 25 seconds and click the test/play button and see if that makes a differences to the notification. ie. does it still hide into the action center? just like the 7 seconds.
  • Hi Jason, I just tested the Calendar notification at the 25 seconds setting and it still goes into the Action Center after some time has passed. However, you should know that it did not stay open for a full 25 seconds - closer to 5 or 7 seconds.  I'm wondering if this is because Windows 10 now has control over the notification time frames.  If I change the setting to "Never" hide, IT DOES stay open until I click it or manually move it to the Action Center by clicking the arrow.  Interesting.  With your Gmail extension, regardless of the amount of seconds selected, it NEVER goes into the Action Center unless I manually move it there by clicking the arrow. 
  • So generally this is working as intended as I don't think Gmail notifications should be lingering around as opposed to calendar notifications, so i'll take a look at this when i'm free. But my guess is it has to do with the priority or requireInteraction flags that I set to the notifications. You're welcome to experiment in the meantime with this extension code if your techy... https://developer.chrome.com/apps/notifications#method-create
  • Thanks for your responses. I definitely think it would be better to have the Gmail notifications mirror the functionality of the Calendar notifications and have them move to the Action Center once they "expire." That way, if the user is away from their computer for a bit, they will still see the missed notifications in the Action Center. Thanks for considering my feedback!
  • I'll take note of this when I refer back to it, but the Gmail extension displays all unread emails from the button. I also curiously haven't heard much feedback on this issue.
  • I was wondering why you hadn't heard anything on it.  And yes, I realized the button on Chrome displays unread count, but I rarely leave the Chrome browser window open.  I run Gmail as a Chrome "app" pinned to Start and Taskbar, so that it behaves similar to a regular Windows app.  I probably noticed this issue more, because until recently, I was not a Chrome user.  I was using Edge and the Windows Store UWP apps, where notifications always reside in the Action Center.  So my point of view/perspective is probably different from your average Chrome user.  I've even seen the feedback from many Chrome users who hate the Windows notifications/Action Center notifications, which I actually like, because it integrates Chrome more firmly into the OS.  Just my feedback/two cents. :)
  • Hi Jason, just wondering if you had put more thought into this.  Perhaps one option would be to have a setting to "Allow notifications in Action Center = Yes/No" for users who want to see missed Gmail notifications in the Action Center.  I realize some users may not want this, so having a user-controlled setting might be the best approach.  Just a thought. :)
  • Same issue here. Notification doesn't automatically move to the action center. it just disappears. If You can look into it, that would be great. Thank You 
  • @DeanLupari @VarunSharma Good news there a new option in v21.6

  • I saw this and this is awesome news! Thanks for accommodating this request. However, one thing I noticed for this to work properly - you have to change the "Close after" setting to "Never" and then make sure "Move into action center" is checked/selected. Jason, is this how you designed it to work? If I chose a "seconds" setting for "Close after", then the notification just disappears without moving into the Action Center (even if Move into action center" is checked). Let me know your intentions on this. Thanks!!

  • edited June 2019

    You are correct, the Never has to be set, not sure how to work this as it's the OS that decides after x seconds to move it into the action center. I'll probably just force it to never when a user selects "move into action center"

  • Thanks for confirming the functionality and for adding this for your users!!

  • I have unchecked Move into action center, but after closing (7 seconds in my setting) the notification still moves into the action center.

  • @Richard Koffler Go in the Windows settings > Notifications and Actions > Google Chrome > Unselect "Show notifications in action center"

  • Hi I can't see the move into action center option


    nothing in the changelog about it being removed?

  • Sorry just found that rich notification has to be selected for it to appear.

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