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why does it need so much ram? how to make it smaller?

even youtube needs less sometimes


  • Do you use the popup window often?

    Have you made and customizations to the extension?

  • edited April 2019

    Not more than 5 times the day.

    No. Checking for new emails was on 1 min though.

    I changed it now to 1 hour. Perhaps less ram?

  • How long before it reaches the large memory? Do you receive lots of emails ?

  • it starts with 60mb when opening chrome. nope. max 5 email per day. Now, one hour later still on 60 mb...... illl tell you later when it goes up to 300 mb and more

  • ya im sure 1-2 days after restarting checker or restarting chrome, it goes up to 300 mb.

    what could that be?

  • Its a complicated subject and could justbe related to Chrome, here's an older thread https://jasonsavard.com/forum/discussion/5067/high-ram-usage

  • that means only a minority of users have this problem?

  • Correct, its probably related to a unique combination of things.

  • Past two months, I wondered why Chrome was lagging terribly. Even went and got a new laptop. Turns out, all the lag is this extension. When I disable, Chrome is slick. Within moments of re-enabling, Chrome lags to the point of irritation.

  • @JimOchterski make sure to update your Chrome to 74, you are currently at 73.

  • Updated Chrome...still lagging -

  • @JimOchterski you'll have to give me more details, how fast does the memory footprint grow? How do you use the calendar extension? Do you use the popup window etc.

  • If you want, I have a 30 sec video of running memory use for Checker Plus. Let me know how to get it to you since I can't upload it here. This interferes with all other Chrome applications (i.e. 2 sec delay following a click, typed text does not appear for several seconds). I launch and use Checker Plus to keep an eye on 10 - 15 appointments each day, so always running. But if it is slowing Chrome noticeably, something's wrong.

  • @JimOchterski The issue is not affecting everyone, so I need to know specifically with you configuration that might be triggering the issue.

    Have you tried reinstalling the extension?

    If you disable the notifications in the options does the issue remain?

  • When I enable Checker Plus, all my Chrome windows lag noticeably.

    I disable Checker Plus and have full speed on Chrome.

    This extension goes to the top of my CPU usage and stays there. Tried reinstalling, updating, minimizing notifications to barest functionality but still is using huge amounts of memory. What else can I adjust to make this extension use-able without compromising performance? Willing to take offline if you need specifics.

  • @JimOchterski So memory and CPU usage are complex and very intertwined since the extension runs in a browser in an OS on an particular computer with X hardware. I don't have much expertise on this issue, from my experience it affects only certain users due to unique combinations. My only suggest is use the least amount of options or the choose the ones which intuitively seem likely to use less resources and go up from there.

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