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Sorting of all-day events? Alphabetical?

I have 2 rental properties and would like to see which days each is available. They're each on their own calendar and I check both to view them at the same time. So if I write "condo A avail" or "condo A booked", I want it to show above "condo B avail" or "condo B booked". Everything is color coded. So my goal would be to have those two all-day events occupy the first 2 rows of any day.

Any other all day events could be renamed as needed to be sure to fall in row 3 or lower. Any ideas??? Thank you!!

PS--Jason--Thank you for your hard work. You may want to include a search function within each extension forum page. I chose "...for Google Calendar" and searched "sort" and got 9+ pages of results including each extension. I don't want to sort emails, tasks, or files. It would probably make the site more streamlined and easier for you too...


  • ok great suggestion and thanks for the screenshot, can I ask if the Google Calendar webpage is displaying all day events alphabetically for you? maybe a screenshot so I can compare.

  • Sorry, not quite understanding. The screenshot shows that they're not in alpha order. That was on the Google Calendar webpage. So E801 should show on the top line, G405 should show on the 2nd line, and x-Eric should show on the 3rd line.

    Also--the sidebar of discussion links runs over onto the body text :)

  • Ah sorry, but my extension does not alter the Google Calendar webpage. I produce my own version of the calendar display in the extension popup window, which I have full control ... where I assumed the issue lied.

    I'll investigate that side bar forum issue, what screen width or device are you using?

  • Thank you again for your help! :) I didn't realize how the extension worked--I thought it changed the way the Calendar webpage itself worked. But now I'll use your popup window version. Back to the issue--It shows the same, not in order.

    I'm using a 26" (diag) monitor on my desktop. I just realized the menu shows next to the left side ad widget and stays visible with scrolling. Here's another screenshot back at the top of the screen.

  • So I believe events are sorted by their calendar and then by event titles, I generally don't want to reverse the logic used between the website and the extension popup as this will confuse users. I usually keep discussions open a bit and listen for other people to chime in/vote for it.

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