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Preferences for Skins and Themes not saving

I've been attempting to do two things through the skins and themes options: hide the "follow me" button and add an image I have uploaded to imgur as my background for Gmail Checker Plus (with extra features enabled). Any time I do these two things, the changes I make are lost the moment I close the window. This does not happen with Google Calendar Checker Plus, which saves my preferences permanently. Could anyone please help me with this? Is the app not working or am I misunderstanding how to use it?


  • ah interesting you are using non-default Inbox view which doesn't seem to work with the background image, try the default Checker Plus view instead, i will note this is a bug, thanks for the feedback.
  • Hi Jason, thanks for responding so quickly to my inquiry. I've switched from "Inbox" to "Checker Plus" and tried the same things re: skins and themes but the same problem arose. I've posted a screenshot below in case I misunderstood what the "default Checker Plus view" is. 
  • When I change my preferences, it switches to the photo below. But when the window closes and I press the Checker Plus extension button again, it reverts to the picture in my last message

  • Have you changed the default view back to the Checker Plus permanently now?
    and are you saying that when you close and open the Checker Plus window that there is no background image saved?
  • I believe I have changed the default view permanently (when I quit and relaunch chrome it still displays checker plus rather than my inbox). Yes I am saying that. When I say "Checker plus window" I mean the window that opens below my extensions bar when I click the Checker Plus icon in chrome. 

  • Okay I'm sorry for wasting your time but I just realized I'm an idiot. I had the "disable skins" button on so I enabled them and my image is showing for both Checker plus and Inbox views. Thanks for your help
  • edited about four months ago

    Good news the inbox view will also show the background image in v21.5

    and i've added a warning for future users if they accidentally disable the skins.

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