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I recently made a contribution

edited about four months ago in Webmail Ad Blocker

Hello, Jason.

I left a comment in the past (I am JackfromCanada) about how good your webmail ad blocker is; and now that Microsoft has again been able to defeat your WAB extension (in Chrome only - still works for Firefox), I decided to make a contribution. Since I don't use my Google account for Paypal, I ended up having to resort to submitting your "already contributed" form to provide my payment details. Now, I'm not sure how I will discover your Easter Egg, since neither email address supplied on the "already contributed" form is related to my Google Account. Please let me know what to do. I sent my form with the "email address to be used with the app" of j******@hotmail.com and a transaction ending in ****1632.

Thank you for your assistance.


  • If you are referring to my WAB extension there is no further need for you to do anything. Thank you for the contribution.

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