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No scroll bar in search results version in Google Chrome 73.0.3683.75

I'm running Checker Plus for Google Calendar Version in Google Chrome 73.0.3683.75 in Linux Mint 19.1 and Cinnamon 4.0.9 and recently noticed that there is no longer a scroll bar for the search results. I'm presented with one screen of results consisting of the oldest calendar items meeting the search criteria. This particular search would be expected to return dozens more entries. I tried reinstalling but no joy.


  • thank you very much for the specific details and screenshot this will be fixed in the next update.
  • This should be fixed in the latest version, reinstall the extension to force the update.

  • Thank you for the update :)

  • Jason,

    I reinstalled and the issue is resolved. Thank you for this quick response and your dedication to the product.


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