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Button not recognizing all calendars

The calendar that pops up when I click on the button shows my two calendars correctly... but the countdown feature and the info summary while hovering over the button is missing my primary calendar information for some reason


  • Can you try clicking the refresh button, and have you changed any of these options...

  • uninstalled and reinstalled app. played around with settings and now it seems to be working. not sure what happened. let me see if this stays working. looks nice
  • I have this same issue, have tried reinstalling the extension a few times, refreshing, messing with the settings (which are exactly the same as yours @Jason and nothing. Only shows the calendar for my account and not the other 2 that I have shared with it. 

    Please help and thank you in advance! 
  • @AaronMellman Can you indicate which extension version you are using? and when you reinstall do you make sure not to restore settings?
  • I'm using V. but can't figure out how to reinstall without restoring settings. 

    After this most recent restore, the minutes until next event is working again, but it still won't show events from other calendars that are connected with my account.
  • @AaronMellman Are they appearing in the calendar popup window?
    More info on toggling them https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Visible_calendars_in_popup_window
  • @Jason yes, they're appearing in the pop-up window, just not on the button it'self.

  • @AaronMellman Can you send me a screenshot of the discrepancy button and popup window. 
  • tried setting up extension with new gmail account and am getting the same issue. Notification button is showing info for only one of 2 calendars i have active when I hoover over it. refreshed. unistalled and reinstalled twice. no luck this time.

  • edited March 2019

    Looks like you need to take an additional step and select the calendars in the NOTIFICATIONS section of the settings that you want to show up on the notification button. Active calendars are not selected by default.

    Id consider making Notification and Button calendars default to the active calendars... and if a user wanted to customize notifications allow them to select the calendars from a list in NOTIFICATIONS section of the settings. And if they wanted to customize button activity to allow an additional list in the BUTTON section.

  • ah yes you got it, I forgot my own logic :) but yes for the countdown to appear on the button for a particular calendar, then that calendar must be selected for notifications in the Options > Notifications. The logic for the majority I think works whereby the countdown usually is important enough but only for those calendars with reminders. But Casey if you have an alternative suggestion to integrate this options, i'm open to a quick design suggestion.

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