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I have been testing the notifications for use with our company Google Drive (we are switching from SharePoint).  Our clients upload documents to certain folders in Drive and we need to be notified when this is done.  What I am running into as I am testing that some of the files I have uploaded trigger a notification but if I upload another file I don't get a notification on the file uploaded shortly after the first file.  It seems that every 3rd or so triggers a notification.  Is there something I am doing wrong or I can change?

I am using the real-time notifications.

What screenshots would be helpful?

Thanks.  Ryan


  • What did you set the polling interval to in the options?

  • Real time

  • I've tried it both with the top box checked and not checked

  • I presume you are uploading the files into the same folder that you are explicitly monitoring? Do you see the list of modified files in the popup window > notifications section?

  • Yep.  Here it is.  During the time that I uploaded the 5 that triggered notifications, I had uploaded a total of 9 files between 2 folders I am testing.

  • Can you check the "Show my own modifications" also when you check "Only show notifications on the button" you will not get desktop notifications (they only be on the button)
    We can also try the 5 minute interval afterwards, that one could be more reliable, just not as instant.
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