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Just stared using this and so far its pretty good, I was using Xnotifier for years but it seems to have died a death so thank you for this :)
I've clicked on the popout button to see what it does and now I am stuck with a full screen, can you tell me how to restore it?

Thank you


  • edited June 2017
    You'll have to send me screenshots for context or re-install the extension to reset the options.
  • Thank you Jason I have sorted it out now. :)
  • Hey Jason, I like the pop out idea, but it ends up being just a new tab in my browser. Ideally I was expecting a new separate browser window stripped of my normal bookmark menu bar and the search/address bar. Is this not the intention?  Am I set up incorrectly? One of the guys who does Google Tasks has that capability, although when Google Tasks changes out of that capability in April it may go away. Thanks.
  • @HarveyAndruss hmm you can get that effect by changing the options .. button. action to open detached window. Or i believe by holding control  and clicking the maximize button in the pop-up window.
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