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Homepage Request

edited January 2019 in General

With the Checker Plus Homepage, is it possible to make pages open in a new tab instead of the current one so that Homepage will stay open on the tab I have it on? It seems that anything I click opens to the same tab as the homepage and takes me away from the homepage. I like keeping that open for quick reference.



  • edited January 2019
    Thank you for my first homepage suggestion, I just added an Options link under the left nav menu. Give it a try. Note: This new tab thing will not work for the widgets, just the shortcuts, is that ok?
  • That works great, and I did see where holding control will open the links in a new tab in the background. I was hoping it would work for the widgets too, but this is definitely helpful. Thanks!
  • edited January 2019
    ok, can I ask which links in the widgets that you click most often and would want to be able to open in a new tab? I am the developer of those widgets so I should be able to work it :)
  • It's mainly when I click on a file in the Google Drive widget, with the others I like the way the items open "in-widget" (such as emails and calendar events).
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