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Event icon not the same as in Google Calendar


it would be great to have icons for those differents cases :
- someone is inviting you for an event
- I have refused the event
- I have accepted the event
- I have answered "Maybe" (optionnal)
- Proposing a new time

Thank you


  • Good idea. Do these icons exist on the google calendar website?
    Can you send me screenshots of them?
  • edited January 2019
    The Google Calendar uses the following icons in the detailed event form, not on the Calendar view :

    (?) = awaiting answer
    (green tick) = Going
    (red cross) = not going
  • ok thanks i'll queue it for dev, I'll add a screenshot for my own context...

  • @Jason Can you add a fourth icon for « Maybe » option ? ~ for example
  • Good news this has been added in the latest v25.0
  • Hi Jason,

    thank you for the great job, but did you also add those icons in the popup view ? This is the main important screen to add those icons. In that way, I will know if I have answered to an event. Thank you

  • ah no, I forgot to put them there also, ok i'll queue that for part 2 of this feature, thanks for the screenshot.
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