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How to set the Checker Plus Homepage as my New tab page?

When I click on the three lines menu in upper left a pop-up says:
"Only extensions can change the New Tab page.  Below are some which are safe to use because there only permission is to change the new tab page."
What does this mean?  It appears you are suggesting I make your homepage my new tab page but then sending me to other extensions to make that happen?  That seems strange and the ones you suggest are very, very outdated.  I thought you maintained higher standards?
 - New Tab iFrame has not been updated since 2015


  • Great question, essentially I have enough extensions to maintain and I didn't need to reinvent the wheel. Those extensions work perfectly well and only have 1 line of code to set the new tab page to a website of your choice.
  • Thanks so much for rapid response Jason!  So to reiterate - those extensions are 1. safe 2. stable with current Chrome versions despite lack of updates in recent years.  Correct?  If you say they are good, I am on board.
  • Correct, as long their only permission is to replace the new tab page then your safe. My homepage is new, so let me know what you think. Ps Just curious how you fell upon it?
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