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Suggestion: A "Pin window" option so that the Checker Plus window stays open

Checker Plus window: With 'Checker Plus window' is meant the window/panel that opens up when you click on the extensions icon of Checker Plus for Gmail. This suggestion goes about that window.

As the title already says, hereby a suggestion, a 'pin window' option so that the Checker Plus for Gmail window stays open.
Would be very handy if you have to copy some info from an email into another window outside Checker Plus and you have to switch to Checker Plus and to the other window and to Checker Plus and to the other window, and so forth. Good to force the Checker Plus window to stay open to copy data (e.g. from an email). Currently, each time you paste your copied contents into another window (or even the same tab) the Checker Plus window automatically hides, which is very annoying, because it takes some seconds and seconds to load before the Checker Plus window opens again on a click on the extension icon, which makes it possible to copy the rest of the contents (also after seconds and seconds, because you have to scroll again to the same point...).


  • Tip of the day: Hold Ctrl while clicking the Open Gmail button to open a detached popup window.

  • Not the same, but thanks. In Linux you don´t have ALT-TAB to quickly open up the Chrome subwindow (it´s actually a window as part of Chrome). ALT-TAB brings up 1 window per application (in Chrome your "Tip of the day" would create a second window of Chrome), so there is no quick way to show up the window when you are on a Linux computer. So in your solution you still have to open up Chrome via taskbar, first hover it, and then wait untill the second window opens up and then click on that window. In the meantime I could have copied some quite amount of data from the window, if it just stayed there. However, thanks for the tip! It´s indeed the tip of the day, helps me, but is definitely not the same as what was suggested.
  • but it´s already a better situation thanks to your tip.
  • It's hard for me to visualize the Linux specific issue, but here's another option you can set
    That will automatically open a detached popup window when you click the icon in the toolbar.

  • Thank you, I will remember that setting in case I want to change that. In the meantime I also found a way to adapt my 'window management' (big word) to your detached window. I can hold ALT-TAB and I have to hold it a little longer and voila... there your detached window appear. Takes a little longer, but OK. It works definitely. Thank you for thinking with me. Who knows once I am not the only one understanding why a pinned option can be useful, but however, great extension and also no problem to detach a window and find it back using ALT-TAB - it just works fine.
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