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New Windows native notifications from Chrome



  • edited September 2018
    yes jason, thanks. Id like to ask you why in the new notifications you only see the last mail arrived. I mean, when there are many mails at once, like when turning on your pc and getting many mails at once. before you could see a notification with a list of emails, and you could choose if you wanted to mark all as read within the panel. now you can only see the last email, and still the panel is asking to mark all as read, even if I don't see the others
  • @antonino.stella I'll investigate, but it's probably related to these new notifications.
  • hello jason, the problem persists. I still get a panel with only last email. not the list of emails.
  • Yes I noticed this also, it would appear, the native Windows notifications have lot the ability to list more than one email. I'll have to try to hack something.
  • Hey Jason, love your extension, it's definitely the best one in the Chrome Store... or anywhere. One issue. I really loved the update to the notifications so it looks like Windows notifications, but recently my notifications for Checker Plus reverted to the original white ones. Any fix for this?
  • @JosephWomack have you changed any chrome flags, you can google how to reset that.
  • Ah ok, I changed my UI flag so I got the Chrome update early. I'll reset that and see if it changes it. Thanks!
  • @Jason I reset the Chrome flag back to default, but no dice
  • @JosephWomack did you reset all chrome flags.
  • @Jason I did, didn't fix it
  • @JosephWomack So Chrome has used a somewhat arbitrary method of pushing the new notifications, I've seen it rely on both windows versions and chrome versions, so you might have to wait it out.
  • @Jason aight, thanks. It's just odd because I already had it then it reverted back.
  • New chrome notification system is hijacking Checker Plus settings.I set Close After setting as Never but it disappears in few seconds. I don't want important notifications automatically erased without my clicking. What should I do?

    And I hate that color theme, dim gray color words on darker background, because there is no contrast like old black words on white background notifications. It makes it really hard to read what are written on notification windows. I want you to make an option to change that colors.

    And one more thing. When Checker plus sends notifications, those are stacked in windows notification pool, and I try to read what are notified, and click it, but it shows me nothing in Chrome. Chrome just says "ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND" error. What is wrong with this?
  • @RowMalvious So the extension itself has some or no control over system notifications like colors etc. But some you can customize some settings using Windows's Start menu > Settings > System > Notifications and action settings
    For the not found issue, try reinstalling the extension.
  • Reinstalling didn't solve the problem. It still says "ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND".

    I set CkeckerPlus's Button - Button click action  option as "Open Gmail", therefore if I click notification window,it will open emails in chrome tab.When notification window appears, I click a link stacked in  bottom right corner of windows 10 desktop, it's fine. It will open gmail page with newly opened email content, but when  notification window disappears and click a link, this "ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND" error occurs. I need to  click a link while notification window appears to see  emails in chrome.

    I set Close After setting as Never but notification window automatically disappears. I guess this"ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND" error is related to those 2 options. When notification window disappers,"Open Gmail" option won't work.
  • @RowMalvious Can you send me a screenshot of this error to give me context.
  • this is the error page
  • @RowMalvious this looks like a chrome issue refer to this https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Chrome_issues
    And lets tackle this in a new thread
  • I tried that solution but it didn't solve the problem.
    I installed new windows 10 64bit on Vmware and install Chrome and checker plus in order to avoid anything harmful,but this problem wasn't solved.

    See this video. I captured whole situation.

  • @RowMalvious Great video, I can replicate the issue but it looks like a Chrome bug with the Text Notification, because when windows autohide the notifications i lose all control of it. I suggest you use the Rich Notification.
  • @Jason
    Rich Notification solves some problems, but still notification window automatically disappears. There is no way to make it stay?
  • @RowMalvious If you set the options to Never close in my extension then it's probably Windows that forcing it to hide in the action bar and there's nothing more I can do.
  • edited September 2018
    @Jason it is really bad. I need to keep checking notification windows. This routine is related to my job.

    So, I need to set Chrome flag "Enable native notifications" as disable to make them never disappear. I hope you will solve this problem in the future.

  • @RowMalvious The mail icon at the top of the toolbar indicates unread emails and you click it to see the latest unread emails.
  • @Jason
    I need to check lots of e-mails at the moment of their arrival, so I want notification windows to stay noticeable. That notification window tells me concise information that I need in order to tell if it is important or not, on the other hand the icon in toolbar can't tell me what e-mail comes. 
  • Hi @Jason. Going full screen on Chrome used to prevent the notifications from showing up, but no longer. How do I return to full screen mode blocking notifications?

    I was watching an emotional YouTube video in full screen the other day, but a new email from my bank showed up in the bottom right corner! 

    This started about 1-3 weeks ago -- not sure the exact date.

    Your Checker Plus for Gmail extension is amazing, so I feel bad that the only time I'm writing to you is to complain about one thing, rather than to say how much I enjoy 99% of it.
  • @JesseRifkin No problem i'm used it :) but it's small bug reports that make the product enjoyable for 99% of the time. For this issue try this ...

  • @Jason You're a lifesaver, thank you. I also recommended Checker Plus for Gmail to one other person and she's started using it a few months ago too!
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