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Account settings menu displaying under emails

I'm not sure if someone has brought this to your attention yet, but while I have the "Dark Theme" applied, the accounts menu displays underneath emails (see screenshot).

When I disable it shows correctly. I'm not sure if this happens with other themes.


  • yeah I created separate dark theme called [Theme] Dark - dropdown patch
    it was a bit tricky to solve.
  • I also stumbled around a bit with this issue having first selected "Dark" and then also selecting the 2nd, "Dark - dropdown..." theme selections.

    I had both themes checkmarked and the menu still popped down under the email list.
    After going through the effort of creating a screenshot and text describing the problem, I found this thread.  After deselecting the checkmark for the original, "Dark" theme, the menu now pops down, dark, and on top of the email list

    I guess I did not know how to make a new theme selection active(uncheck other themes? or restart?).  I am not sure why I might want more than one theme checked at a time.
  • @RickJohnson you are unlucky enough to fall Upon A use case I did not think would happen where one would use both those skins, in general you can use as many skins in combination as you would like but for those two in particular you have to just use the patch version for the drop-down
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