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Clicking mark as read constantly eventually opens email

Hi, I like to click 'mark as read' per email from the drop down box within chrome I can normally manage about half a dozen maybe eight or nine or so emails before the next one opens rather than is marked read. Could you please test this? I'm not hitting mark as read particularly fast and the mouse isn't moving either it just seems like the icon just fails to work properly, I've tested this multiple times with the same result each time. This has been something I've been dealing with for quite some time and just put up with it until now. Thanks.


  • My guess is the vertical scrollbar disappears after marking a few as read and shifts the buttons around, thereby you might be clicking between or next to buttons and clicking the email itself which opens the email.
  • Happens so quickly I can't determine, but I need to click about three a second or so before it happens.
  • I might have to recommend filters or the mark all as read button if you are going through emails that fast. I'll take note of this and see if others comment on this issue.
  • I like to see what I'm marking as read :)
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