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Do Not Mark as Read on External Links

When looking thru an email preview in the pop-up, I often for get to middle-click or CTRL+click for a new tab on a link in an email.

What currently happens is the pop-up closes, a new tab opens in the browser and I am taken to my link. Unfortunately, that means that the email I clicked the link from has now been marked as read and gets lost in the shuffle. I have to log fully into Gmail to find it again and delete it or archive it, etc.

I can see how the default behavior would be preferred by some, but it would be nice to have an option for it to detect if the window is being closed after clicking a link in the email content and NOT mark it as read. That way the email can be quickly dealt with again by re-invoking the pop-up.



  • You can change the default behaviour: Options > General > Previewing email marks as read (check it off)
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