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Selecting Shadow DOM Elements

Hi Jason, I've been struggling to select shadow dom elements using the custom CSS. I just noticed that using /deep/ and ::shadow have been removed in Chrome 63+.

See: https://developers.google.com/web/updates/2017/10/remove-shadow-piercing

What would you suggest for styling shadow dom elements?

Thanks so much!



  • I think I used javascript to fetch the shadow dom and then apply CSS from there.

  • I see. So sorry if this seems like a rookie question, but how would I use Javascript within your custom CSS editor?
  • Yeah I realize I don't support javascript in my custom editor. Can you tell me exactly what you'd like to change and perhaps I can figure a future solution for it.
  • I'm trying to change the placeholder text for the calendar selection drop down menus (there are two labeled as #nativeInput):

    And also I'm trying to change the background color of search results (labeled as #contentContainer):

  • wow your getting to the nitty gritty details :)
    are you using a prelisted dark theme that has issues? or you've already written most of your own?
  • Haha yeah, sorry! It is pretty detailed. I've written all of this dark theme myself. I haven't cleaned any of it up, but I can show you what css I've put in.

    I planned on suggesting it to you once I had finished it all up, but here we are!
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