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Recent Tabs Stops Working, I have tried Re-Installation

Dear AWESOME Green Programmer,

LOVE LOVE LOVE Recent Tabs for years.

Recently, however, it always works for a while, and then it seems to get "backed up" or "constipated."

What I mean by that is that it is almost like my PC, which is a 1st Generation Surface book with a 6th Gen I7 Processor and 16GB of RAM, cannot handle the Extension anymore, so it just stops working when I press the key combination to switch between tabs.  

Eventually after many minutes, around 10 to 15, it seems to catch up, and will quickly switch between my tabs as if catching up.....

I have uninstalled, and re-installed.  I have cleared my cookies, I have gone into Settings for the Chrome Browser, and entered the key shortcut under More Tools > Extensions > Keyboard Shortcuts, and it just doesn't ever seem to fix the issue.

Ideas pretty please???

Thank you!!!

Joseph Smith


  • Are you using the default options in the extension when you re-installed? ie. not using #2

  • I have uninstalled and reinstalled again, and this time went with "Usage #1" above.  I seem to have better results, but sometimes it still just doesn't work after awhile.  I have a feeling there is just something strange with my system.  Maybe I need to uninstall and reinstall Chrome completely.  THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE HELPFUL ADVICE!  I will keep trying to figure it out :) 
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