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Extra email account shows up after running disk cleaner

I have 3 family gmail accounts on my machine. 2 of these are connected via Checker Plus. I periodically run a disk cleaner on this system. I've excluded certain cookies from the cleaner so that I do not have to sign in again on all our gmail accounts. 

But after running the disk cleaner all 3 gmail accts appear initially in Checker Plus for Gmail (until I reset it). Obviously, there's a file I need to exclude so that Checker Plus only connects to 2 of these accounts. Where would that be?

As an alternative, I'll probably go to the 3rd account and delete its connection to Checker Plus.


  • I would recommend that last option and go the options ... accounts... Un check that account 
  • Yes I do that now.

    But I found an odd thing... I went to the unwanted Gmail account to withdraw permission from the app to access mail - and discovered that there was no authorization recorded for this app. That's really odd, and wrong. While there is access granted to the 2 email accounts I want to see present, the 3rd account has no access granted, yet the app has access to that account. FWIW I'm logged into all three accounts regularly via the browser.
  • edited November 2017
    I did this more carefully and can confirm that Checker Plus for GMail (CP4G) breaks Chrome security.

    With all 3 accounts active on Chrome I went into "account 3" and checked for apps with access (there are none).

    I closed Chrome and ran Wise Disk Cleaner. All cleaning is doing is resetting Checker Plus back to its default settings. If I manually set CP4G to read all open accounts, it adds "account 3" inbox content without seeking permission.

    After "cleaning", I reopened Chrome and the app connected to all 3 logged in accounts although permission had never been granted to "account 3". This app breaks Chrome apps security as it assumes authorization where none is granted.

    This shouldn't be happening. I don't see this problem with Checker Plus for Google Calendar. Something is seriously broken with Checker Plus for Gmail.
  • Most likely scenario is the disk cleaning left a residual account in the extension, but without any access, or it would definitely show up in the goodle apps permissions. Other scenario is that account is using auto detect which does not require permissions. Ex. When you install my extension with the default settings all accounts are auto detected without requiring further permissions, just the ones you see when installing my extension. 
  • That is confusing. Accounts 1 & 2 both show CP4G among the apps given account access permission, but acct 3 doesn't - yet it still appears inCP4G. Yes, it is auto-detected, but it should not have auto-access without user intervention - otherwise what is the purpose of CP4G authorization in accts 1& 2.
  • Your statement is incorrect. An extension has install permissions https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Install_Permissions
    so you are granting the extension permission to read the data on website mail.google.com (which are you Gmail accounts) for the purpose of auto-detection.

    The add accounts manually option uses an alternative method to read your accounts and has a more powerful API allowing the extension to read labels and such from your emails etc.
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