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Polling interval

Hi Jason...something weird going on that I can't figure out.  I have this plugin installed in two separate instances of Chrome - one for work and one for personal.  In each instance I'm having it check both work and personal email and both are set to "add accounts and stay signed in.

In one instance the polling option seemed to change automatically from 30 seconds to "real-time" when I changed it from "auto detect" to "add accounts". 

In the other browser instance I made the same change from "auto detect" to "add accounts" and not only did it not change automatically to "real-time" but that is not even an option.

Both are v.21.0.5

Any idea what's going on there?  Real time is certainly preferable.

Thanks!!  Tom


  • Are both accounts Gmal accounts? sometimes real-time is not supported for unknown reasons even to myself.
  • Yes both are gmail. The one that does not show real-time is a G Suite account (work). If YOU don't know, I will give up. :)
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