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Is the new Google Calendar update today going to cause any issues with Checker Plus?

Google hasn't  rolled out today's update to me yet for the Google Calendar website, BUT I am hoping for a seamless transition with the Checker Plus for Google Calendar extension as soon as it does. Can we confirm that the Checker Plus team is proactive on this update from Google?


  • edited October 2017
    You'll probably notice my extension (for several months now) already incorporated lots of the material design in the viewing or editing of events within the popup.

    And I created several themes such as the "[Theme] Material Design" and others that can instantly turn my checker plus into whatever you want https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Skins_and_Themes

    That being said the new Google Calendar is still pretty buggy and is only now catching up with my design ;)

    I'm currently using the new look and monitoring it's progress.
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