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"Use Inbox by Gmail" option changes itself

I keep having to click the Inbox icon by the accounts list constantly, because it turns itself off! It'll work for a bit, then change back to normal Gmail. I love how you can mark them done right in the extension, but it won't let me when it's off.


  • One thing is you have a pretty old version of Chrome 55 (current one is 60)
    i'd recommend updating that first.
  • It's actually Torch, but I usually do use the latest Chrome, as I use a Chromebook. I just use Torch at work
  • So the issue occurs when using Chrome 60?
    Are other options being reset?
    Do you have other extensions, like privacy one clearing data/cookies?
  • No privacy extensions, and I think sometimes other options change but I don't really use many of them.
  • I'll investigate, are you using auto detect or manual add?
  • I think I've figured it out actually! The Crouton chroot I have set up on my Chromebook has an extension to sync the clipboard etc. and it was also removing some of that data. I've disabled it, and I don't think it's having a problem anymore.
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