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New "Inbox" Function

I absolutely love your app! I was stoked when I discovered that I didn't have to keep a separate tab open for Gmail to stay in touch with my friends. I've been using your app for I think a little more that a year now, and I don't know how I'd stay connected if I didn't. I just discovered the new "Switch to Inbox" function, and it is a very good improvement. However, every time I select it and exit out of the dropdown thingy, it switches back to the "Checker Plus" setting. I suggest that there should be an option in "Settings" to select the option permanently. Also, can you add a way to attach files in the "Compose" feature? Being able to paste photos/gifs directly into the email, like in the actual inbox for Gmail?

Again, your app is excellent and I am already recommending it to my friends. But I really do feel that these will improve the experience even further.



  • You can set the Inbox view as the default! Refer to this FAQ http://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Popup_window
    As for the attachments, I don't think this will be possible, as I am using Gmail's tablet/mobile interface and if it doesn't have that already then I won't be able to integrate it either until they do.
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