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Action Icons Are Missing


A couple of action(I think Reply/All, Delete, and other) icons are gone missing, since few days.  Appreciate your help on this.


  • Sorry this old view has not been supported for a long time, please enable the Options > Admin > Material Design
  • I have been using it for years, and they got disappeared just since few days.

    As discussed last time about Material Design, though its principles are good, but are not serving the basic purpose of reading emails quickly, and that is the main reason Chrome supports extensions via small pop-up windows, and based on that the display should be designed to show the content in a minified and optimized way.

    I also know it has themes, but are not working consistently, and it is very cumbersome to setup.

    Ideally, I would recommend adding the feature "Display density" as in Gmail options.
  • Display density is there :) Popup window > Menu > Display density ... it's also been years since i've improved the Material Design's speed and simplicity.
  • hello! same problem here. and it shown today, after updating extension to 20,1,5_0. older version, 20,1,4_0 worked fine WITHOUT material design.
    is it possible to download older version of extension? i really do not like material design (all arround, not only this extension).  thanks in advance!

  • @VanjaLovretić
    Sorry I can't support older versions for security reasons, but I will listen to any possible suggestions for the new look. More info about the new look https://jasonsavard.com/forum/discussion/1577/about-the-new-material-design-look
  • hello! i do not say (or advice) that you have/must support older versions. all i said is that until today, older version was ok, and all worked flawless. and if i can download that extension crx file. nothing else. thanks in advance!
  • @VanjaLovretić
    I push major material design framework updates every year and I clean up old code that's probably why the old look was impacted.
    You can find the local code on your machine and probably try fixing the missing images, that's my best suggestion because I don't have the old crx.
  • no, i tryed install it as unpacked, but no success. sadly that i must now restore backup of whole OS, just for one extension. ok, at least, i know that there will be no more old working version. or material design or some another extension. i'll see what is better solution.
  • I have no problem using the material design (switched now, after having the same issue).
    I just wish it was more compacted. Even after setting display density to compact it still has alot of extra space. 
    Example: a simple thing like the logo on top of the popup. There's alot of extra white above and below the actual text and buttons. 

    Oh well, i guess it'll just take some time to get used to it. :)
  • edited July 2017
    The material design view allows you to completely customize the popup with custom css https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Skins_and_Themes
    you can hide, shrink, enlarge anything, it's very powerfull, in theory you could make it look exactly like the old look if you want :)
  • I agree with css updates, but there are close to one million people using it, and it is a painful duplicate effort that impacts the experience.  The majority of them are not tech user who have the knowledge of updating the css styles.  

    The material design itself is to create better visual experience serving the application purpose, but not itself.  If the user chooses the compact mode, then there should absolutely no extra spaces around the content, else no point in that option.

    Even the title "Checker Plus for Gmail" on the header, it is taking extra space and not adding any value.  We acknowledge that this is a great extension, but doesn't have to take that extra space just for the title against the intended content of emails/extension.

    In sum, I recommend updating the internal 'compact' display feature/logic to remove extra spaces within the pop-up UI.

  • I agree not everyone needs to understand css, but luckily the developers that do have created and shared beautiful themes for everyone to use (without knowing css)
    The most popular one currently is [Theme] - Newspaper
    In a way I have open-sourced the design on my extensions because I prioritize my time developing new features instead of tweaking the layout for everyone who has different opinions on the layout.
  • edited July 2017

    I really don't like the look of the material design please fix the other one and i understand css and you can apply it to the other design! layout is everything!
  • @DavidMarkowitz Excellent if you understand css, please send me it and I will add it the list for everyone to use.
  • edited July 2017
    my css $$,$$$ not free
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