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All acounts have disapeared

Just got home after being out all day and I come to check my mail and all my accounts have disappeared????


  • Did you see any errors in the Options > Accounts?
  • edited July 2017
    No there were no errors I could see. infact it didn't recognise that I had an account until I signed in via FB. I didn't get a notification of your reply here either ?

    I updated this morning to  Firefox 54.0.1
  • We're using auto-detect or manual add? https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Account_sign_in_methods
  • Are any others settings reverted back to their original?
    My assumption is the Firefox update might have reset all the extension options and would like to confirm that.
  • Hi Jason no all other settings seem to have been untouched.
  • That truly is bizarre, I wonder if you can replicate this issue - perhaps by restarting the browser after setting the accounts etc.
  • All seems to be working fine since I re-added the accounts, lets wait and see how it goes?
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