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Translate to Japanese

Hello, I can help you with translation on Japanese language.
I can translate all extensions and websites.
Can you tell me what I should do?


  • (I received email directly from Jason.)
  • I want to translation to Japanese too. What should i do?
  • @MoxYo Great, I sent you a translation link to your email, I realize there are new translations since Yuuki last helped me so that would be great if you can continue with the rest.
  • Thank you for your quick reply!
    I will try it :)
  • I was busy and could not proceed with work. I'm sorry.
  • I translated CheckerPlus for Gmail for now.
  • Great work @MoxYo here's a preview of the next update in v20.0.8
    and @YuukiNagatomo don't worry it's good team work because I know translations are sometimes difficult.

  • Oh~~. Good screen for Japanese!

    By the way, i found some translation that i should improvements. just now..
      "良いニュースの長い" ←strange japanese.. and string was cutted
      "名のみ"←I must fix to "名前のみ"
    Perhaps, there are others.

    So i want to translation cycle environment like below.
    (1) Translation to japanese
    (2) Check it in CheckerPlusforGmail
    (3) Fix wrong translation / Fix layout
    (4) go to (1)

    How can i do it?
  • @MoxYo The only way is the way we did it now, sorry. At least I made a translation tool :)

    1) use the tool again to fix the translations
    2) tell me when your done
    3) i will send you a screenshot of the translations in checker plus
    4) go to (1)
  • @Jason OK~. No problem.
    I will fix and report.
  • @MoxYo great job again, here's a preview of the accounts options.

  • @Jason Done.
    I'm tired. I must sleep now. Ceeya.
  • @MoxYo ;good night and thank you very much, it's been flawless integration considering the $1 substitutions etc.
  • @MoxYo @YuukiNagatomo I noticed you both started making changes on the Gmail translations. Yuuki can you stick with the calendar translations and Mox only the Gmail translation for now, because I don't want both of you to overwrite each others translations. If you want to start with another extension let me know first so I know there is no conflict.
  • @Jason OK. I understand. Already, I am talked @YuukiNgatomo about each extention's translater when i join translation.
    Calender=YuukiNagatomo, Gmail=yomox9. Others=nothing.
    Sorry for didn't report. From now on, I will write all discussion to here.

    And, I want to translate CheckerPlusForDrive.
  • @MoxYo ok excellent, and yes you can start on the drive translations, thanks for letting me know :)
  • @Jason ;Calendar is done. Can you check it?
    Then I'm sorry to have trouble.

    @MoxYo You are very fast. Thanks.
  • Great work @YuukiNagatomo here's a preview of some of your changes. The calendar extension is especially popular among Japanese speakers so they will love these enhancements.

  • @Jason ;Thank you.
    I am looking forward to the next release.
    Speaking option is good. I especially like DND in your extension.
  • @YuukiNagatomo glad to hear that and you'll be happy that i'm developing an advanced dnd schedule option, here's a preview ...

  • That interface is excellent!
    I want it soon.
  • @Jason np. I like your CheckerPlusforGmail :) And I want to try your  other extension in Japanese.

    I'm done Drive translation.
    Next, I want to translate ExplainAndSendScreenshots.

    @YuukiNagatomo Japanese calender is gooood.
  • @MoxYo excellent, ok you can start the screenshot extension, the biggest ones were the gmail and calendar ones mainly.
  • @Jason Done > ExplainAndSendScreenshots
    Next, I want to translate JasonSavard.com.
  • @MoxYo wow your a translating machine :) ok go for it.
  • @Jason ahaha. Done > JasonSavard.com
  • @MoxYo good news the website translations are faster to push, it's already live now check it out https://jasonsavard.com/ja/
  • wao.... veryvery good
  • Oh, wonderful!
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