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Preview text showing end of message or "test" as text

I've been noticing some problems recently. For example, sometimes I see the end of the email message as a preview rather than the beginning, or when I have multiple messages I get something like this:



  • The test is my doing, however it shouldn't appear under normal circumstances, is it regularly appearing, can you try re-installing the extension. have you customized your Chrome in any way?
    What are those small little gray dots at the bottom right of that screenshot? Can you hover over and see if it says anything?
    Also can you send me a screenshot of email message preview issue? Or can you give me more details on that issue?
  • edited March 2014
    The hamburger icon could be from enabling this chrome://flags/#enable-rich-notifications which is the only thing I can think of (something I enabled to allow me to receive Google Now notifications).

    As for the other email preview issue, I'd have to wait until I receive an email again where it shows up and I'm quick enough to take a screenshot of it. Like I said it only happens sometimes, usually with mailing list emails.


    If I click on the hamburger icon, it all looks good. I'll try to revert the chrome flag to default and see if that's the problem.
  • yeah as i suspected if you're playing with Chrome flags it will create such issues as Chrome warns when you do change them.
  • I set it to the default and I'm still seeing "test", with the hamburger icon.
  • i'm not sure what you mean by hamburger icon? but regardless, if you've played with the chrome flags (and in particular something directly related to the notifications) then i'm assuming that is has created further related issues and given that i haven't changed this "test" piece of code in months, i cannot support this issue unless others start commenting on this thread.
  • >i'm not sure what you mean by hamburger icon?

    I mean those three dots which you referred to above (see screenshot) which allows an expanding piece of text.

    I guess I'll just have to wait it out then. Thanks!
  • I just caught one of those other emails which I was talking about:


    What's interesting is that there is plenty of text before (and some even after) this snippet preview.
    Don't know if you're still interested in looking at this as a bug or not. Like you said, you may just want to see if there are other users with the same issue.
  • Can you send me the subject of that email and the first sentence in the body of that email?
  • actually if you could even forward me that email that would be great - use my http://jasonsavard.com/contact
  • Not sure exactly where your email address was on that contact page, but I had contacted you previously via email and used that address. If it doesn't reach you, just let me know and I'll forward it to whatever email address you send me. TIA!
  • after investigating the email it seems, the "text version" of this email only contains the actual text that my notification is showing, the html version does have more content, but this would be an issue with sender of this email, try other html emails and see how they behave
  • ok thanks!
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