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Show location instead of "join video call"

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My company's gmail automatically adds video call links to every event, which seems to take precedence over the actual location (conference room) of the event in the popup. Is there some way to prioritize the event location over the video call link?


  • excellent suggestion, this will be fixed in v20.1.8.2
  • Wonderful, thanks!
  • Jason, I installed v20.1.9.2 last night, and I saw in the change log that both event location and video link should show now. Is there any new setting for this? With the existing setting selected, I still don't see the event location.

  • Can you verify you are indeed running that latest version and also do some tests to see if you are at least seeing events with "just" an event location.

    Are you using popup reminders or rich notifications?
  • Here's a screenshot of the version number I see in the header:

    Here's a screenshot of my settings (I use rich notifications):

    And I can confirm I see the event location when it doesn't have a video call:

  • ah yeah i've haven't propagated the change to the rich notifications yet (only the popup reminder), didn't realize people were still using those. is there a reason you are using rich notifications vs the popup reminder
  • Yes, I'm on a Mac and the rich notification is more consistent with other Mac notifications. I also use your Checker Plus for Gmail, and the rich notification matches that more, too.
  • Ok so changing the rich notification is a bit trickier because i am limited to 2 buttons only.
    So if i show the location button instead of the video button then a user won't have an easy to way to access the video (this might upset other users)

    I could instead display the location at the top of the notification but offer no location button and only a video button? got any comments?
  • Totally, I have no interest in clicking the button for the location. As long as the text can show up somewhere (like underneath the time), that's perfect.
  • Hey Jason, just wanted to see if this update was possible or not. Thanks!
  • it's in the queue but not as high as other priorities mainly because i fixed the issue in the reminder popup which is the default and used by 90% of my users. i recommend trying the reminders popup in the interim, it's much more versatile.
  • Thanks for the update :)
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