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Snooze Emails... Where did it go?

edited about five years ago in General
I was about to start depending on the Snooze for Gmail extension, but now I can no longer install it. I understand that it is no longer supported, and I seem to find inferences that the Snooze is now associated with Checker Plus for Gmail or Google Calendar... but I cannot find out anything about Checker Plus for Gmail including that wonderful Snooze button in my Gmail window. Where did it go or where can I get the old extension to install it into Chrome? Thanks.


  • You were almost there, except it's my Checker Plus for Google Calendar extension that is replacement for it :)

    Note: I cannot release old versions for security issues.
  • Oh, man, is that ever different from the old Snooze! What I have been learning to love is that (a.) I could delay an email for a few hours (i cannot seem to do that in Checker Plus -- at least not in a single click-drag-down-release motion); (b.) I could forward a note to myself as to what to do next regarding an incoming email, then snooze that forwarded email for later date.

    With those two features I was about to discard my calendar altogether and speed up management of many call-backs and responses... Any hope for me?
  • Agreed. I would LOVE a snooze feature for email--I use it in Inbox all the time, or use Mixmax's snooze when I'm in Gmail. If there's a chance this feature could be ressurected, here's my vote. :)
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