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Multiple Drive Accounts

Unlike Checker Plus for Mail, I cannot see my multiple drive accounts when using the Chrome extension. Not sure if that is an option, or I'm missing something. Thanks in advance for your help here. 

And thanks for your terrific Chrome extensions and most importantly, for using platform to raise much needed environmental awareness...particularly on the devastating consequences of global 'meat-market.' 


  • I'll take this as a suggestion to support multiple accounts in my drive extension :) (does not exist currently)

    and thanks for noticing my environmental awareness, are you an advocate of sort?
  • Yeah it would be a nice addition to Drive, should it happen.

    I've been a vegetarian for most of my adult life, so if that makes me an advocate, then yes. I took that path for health and compassionate reasons way back when, but now things have ratcheted up to another level with the recognition of the enormous negative environmental impacts of the meat industry (don't get me going on the suffering of another living and breathing being!).

    I am hopeful but slightly trepidatious about where this will all end; we are living in difficult times. I am hopeful our collective good sense of the people will win over the greed of the corporate elite (the ubiquitous 1%) who seem to have taken the wheel, but I'm not brimming hope at the present...sadly. That said, time drags us along -- often unwillingly -- and invites a choice: a world view acquired wisdom and optimism or something quite different. I know this choice of perspective informs the quality of life one leads, so I'm trying, I'm trying.

    Keep up your good work on both fronts Jason. It is the little lights that aggregate and make change happen.


  • Hey Jason, I mentioned the option of adding all drive accounts earlier. Until/if that happens, I changed my default google account thinking it would reflect in the Drive app here but it did not. How do I change this? thanks, Wayne
  • edited May 2016
    Go into the Options > "Revoke permissions" and you can regrant access in the popup to the account of your choice.
  • Adding a vote for multiple account support
  • I'd love to see this feature added too
  • Add one more vote for this feature.  When I click on the extension button, I get the docs list for the account intend and can choose it then, every single time I click on a doc, I get prompted with: "Choose an account to use with Google Drive:" with both accounts.
  • Even I will be a big fan of having two accounts personal and business. Thumbs up for all later night work and your dedication @Jason
  • I'm adding my vote for the multiple account feature for google drive. I use Gsuite for work and another personal drive, it would be awesome to switch easily like in the gmail checker ;) Thank you so much for your great work, it's so nice to be able to use the products of my neighbor; I'm in Laval ;)
  • Another vote for multiple account feature!
  • Is this feature on your development horizon, or should I just stay with Dropbox for now?
  • edited September 2017
    @TonyWalsh It's in the queue, but i'm not sure how practical it will be since it will require several clicks to jump between accounts and you might as well just leave a Drive tab open for each account. An alternative for now is this https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Separate_Extensions
  • All good... I understand. I may explore your Separate_Extensions procedure but I'm not a frequent Chrome user, so that may take a while.

    And thank you for your very prompt and concise reply. It goes some way to restoring my faith in human nature which has taken a bit of a battering in recent days (My Galaxy S8 froze solid and then started a reboot loop when I got it unfrozen. Dealing with the cell phone provider has been a bit soul destroying). :-).
  • adding my vote in for multiple account support. 

    currently have 5 Google accounts. :-) 
  • edited January 2018
    +1 for this!
  • +1 

    I use 8 accounts currently and the constant opening/closing of drive accounts is slow. Ideally, I could click the extension, select the desired drive account, and then that click would open up the desired drive account. 

    Just learning about your extensions. These are awesome!
  • Also a BIG fan of your extensions. Great work, I don't know how I went on without them before! 

    I'm also adding in a desire for multiple accounts within the Drive extension. 
  • +1  Love these extensions,  I agree this would be a great feature
  • It has been 6-years since the original post for multiple account support. is there any time frame for supporting multiple accounts other than revoke permissions?

  • @Sarah Weinberger probably my largest obstacle to developing this is I don't see how a UI to support multiple drives would be efficient. Most likely you would have go to flip between accounts within the extension window.

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