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Feature | Starred items as Bookmarks

It is probable that this may have been requested before, but I could not find it.

Basically, you can modify the layout to show the Starred items of the Drive in the left side bar (like the file explorers), so that it can be accessed directly. Also, caching these starred items to avoid the network delay would be great.

What say?


  • i'll note it, but i'd rather be consistent with the Google Drive website look. How slow is it to load the Starred items? how many do you have?
  • Even if the starred items is 1, the delay is due to the network. That extra click may take 2-10s depending on the network. Caching them will make them one-click and give a much better feel :)

    Regarding the consistency, IMO, this does not break it. Anyways, you have different menu icons (viz. `Notifications`) in the side bar, there is no tree menu in `My Drive`. These subtle changes, make it more useful, and so should starred items.

    If not, another "Home Page" feature can be useful - to set a homepage to start with, wherein, people can start with the Starred page always, instead of the last used folder.

  • I vote for this feature(s) request:

    1. Putting starred items in the left sidebar directly, preferably with cache.
    2. Allowing the user to configure the homepage - a specific folder to open by default.
    3. Another conflicting option - allow the user to choose to open in the last visited folder (like file explorer).

    Jason, consistency is good but I think that when the UX of Drive is bad, you should improve it :)

    Thanks for the beautiful work
  • @Sudhanshu @GiladB Good news this request has been developed is being push out live to everyone in v7.4
  • looks good
  • Would love to be able to re-arrange the starred items by drag & drop. 

  • @ChrisPerry Currently it re-sorts them every time by the most recently opened so you should see them change. Try opening PB in your case and next time you open the popup it should be 1st.
  • Thanks Jason. I guess I'm asking for a static favorites option. Thx. 
  • @Sudhanshu I completely agree - a folder free on the left-hand side would be amazing.  It's nice to have somewhere to work from (left) and the work itself (right).
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