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Daily quota exceeded

This is the first time I see this. I see in other posts that I sounds like you agragate all your users and "you" do the polling, not the individual users so the more users you have, the faster you get to your quote limit. Is this correct?  

This does not seem right.   I cannot create an event now.    ?!?!?!?

I love your tool and would gladly donate more but this really puts a damper on things.



  • edited October 2016
    Same here. It's the beginning of the day and it's not usable.

  • I've seen the same blank popup last night. Reinstalled the extension and it was fixed.
    Now I see it again on another computer. I decided to try this time with only revoking and granting the access to the account. Once I revoked it I couldn't grant access because the quota is exceeded.

    A blind suggestion: Can you implement the polling at client side and give us the option to insert API credentials so you don't have to proxy all requests through a single API credentials and reach the quota limit. 
  • It's and my probleme !
  • @SimeonIvanov ;@IvanDokov ;@IstvánKirályV ;
    This seems have been a Google Calendar API issue, I will monitor this, I noticed a spike in the last hours, let me know if this is persistent. As I just tried creating an event and it worked this morning.
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