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Icons move a bit to left/right instead of being absolute positioned


I notice some times that the icons move to left/right and it seems to be dependent of subject och some other thing I haven't analyzed it more thorough.

What happened was that when I had a long list of mail that I was going to delete,  I started to hover over the delete icon of the first mail in the list, and started to click and the unread mails disappeared and was deleted. When I got to one mail, the icons had moved to the right a little bit, and in the hurry I clicked the mark as spam button instead.

Possible solution:
1. Make sure that the buttons never ever is going to move out of position, absolute position of the icons?
2. Switch place of Spam button and Archive, so Spam is the leftmost icon. There is not a big problem if you archive a mail, but if you mark it as spam (and if you don't notice it) the consequences might be more "dangerous"

Keep up the good work!


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