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Question: will this extension support multiple accounts?


I understand from the FAQ that the extension recognizes only one account. That is fine as you can share the calendars you need between accounts. There is one exception however, which is the calendar containing birthdays and anniversaries from your contacts. This calendar cannot be shared.

In my case, I have 2 Google accounts: work and private. My work account is my main account, my personal contacts and birthdays are in my private account. Right now I cannot see any birthdays from my private account.

Obviously, the best way to fix this would be for Google to allow sharing this calendar. However, since the Gmail checker extension is working perfectly well with multiple accounts, I was wondering if there is any reason why this extension does not work with multiple accounts.



  • Good question, the major reason is because of lack of demand and the confusion of presenting multiple calendar accounts with multiple calendars within them. Sharing calendars seems simplest in terms of presenting the calendars within one and being able to hide/show with a click of the calendar.
  • Hi Jason,

    Thanks for your reply. I understand that the way it works now is the most user friendly and intuitive. This is really a problem Google has to solve, but since I do not expect that to happen anytime soon I am looking for ways around that. :)

    Anyways, thanks for your time.
  • Geert,

    Mine's another vote in favor of this feature - as Jason already is aware.
  • I understand Jason's argument, however I think there should still be an option to add multiple accounts. 
  • @SameerKhan I should also mention the overwhelming complexity this entails: identify different reminder popups per account per calendar, different countdowns on the button icon, even more options for each account and additional quota requirements. An easy alternative is to have a 2nd Chrome profile with the extension installed for that profile/calendar account.
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