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Renaming labels in gmail, doesnt show up in CPfG

Thanks for a great extension
Found out that if I change name of label the change is not visible in CPfG
The only way I found, was to go to extensions, disable CPfG and then enable it again, then it was read properly

Am I missing something fundamental?



  • edited June 2016
    Hmm good point, the real question is where did you first think of going to refresh these labels? ie. where should I place this force refresh button for the labels?
  • Well, I have been struggling a long time with loads of labels and starting to do some major cleanup and starting to set a number on the most imoportent labels so that when I get unread mails in them (filtered away from inbox and straight to label) they show up in the order I preffer, and not A-Z

    Thats how I discovered this "bug".

    This is not a major thing that you should dig deeper into, just wanted to send my thoughts.

    Where to have this refresh?
    Why not under "Sync sign in order"?
    When I click that button it also refreshes the lables, if thats possible?

  • Great feedback, in the next version you can hit the Refresh button.

  • Thanks man! 
    You are great!
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