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Add "Show me as" in Create event form

Being able to set the availability of the event as available or busy (as it is in "Show me as" in G-Calendar), would be useful.


  • That's a great suggestion. If this thread gets more attention I will concentrate my efforts on it.
  • I would love to see this feature because Motorola phones have this event settings linked with automatic DND feature (phone is muted in time of Busy events).
  • @petr.tosovsky

    Hmm i'm not sure i understand this option, or if it's popular enough to clutter the create event dialog, I also couldn't find in the API that i'm using ... https://developers.google.com/google-apps/calendar/v3/reference/events#resource-representations
  • Hi Jason,
    Thanks for your response. I can't evaluate the popularity. Here is the screenshot where it's located in Google Calendar create event form. 
    I am currently moving from Sunrise Calendar which is also linked to Google Calendar and their form also contains this option in form of small lock icon, so I suppose it should be available in the API.

  • @petr.tosovsky

    Is it possible that lock icon represents the Visibility attribute instead? of either public or private?
  • Sunrise is using it as Available/Busy for sure. I am using the feature couple years now.
  • edited May 2016

    ah I found it and by the way it seems the default setting depends on whether your event is all day vs timed event... 

    transparency string Whether the event blocks time on the calendar. Optional. Possible values are:
    "opaque" - The event blocks time on the calendar. This is the default value.
    "transparent" - The event does not block time on the calendar.
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