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Suggestion - checker plus for hangout

could you try to do something similar to "checker plus for gmail" with hangout.
Hangout in the right upper corner with the other checkers would be great.
TNX anway


  • I haven't really found a purpose for a hangout extension and I believe Google already has one on the Chrome Store.
  • The Hangouts app is good but the floating bubble (transparent UI) is an app that is open outside of chrome. The fact that all the extensions are in the right upper corner and that in one view of that corner with your checkers extensions you can see all the work that you have to do, is amazing. The bubble doesn't move with chrome but is fixed on the screen. The minimalistic view of your extensions could give to hangouts a better usage. After all, I like that when I finish my work I have only to close chrome and with it all the extensions are closed too (calendar, mail, drive).
    TNX anway
  • please make hangout extension for Firefox, there is no good hangout extension for Mozilla Firefox. PLEASE MAKE ONE. 
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