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Screenshot Capture Tool that ROTATES Screen

Hi Jason, I enjoy your work in Chrome Extensions, You are a very thorough thinker.
With that said, Thank You in advance for what I'm about to ask you for.
Screenshot Capture Tool that ROTATES Screen 90*, allows "Portion/Regional" Capture so WE can Capture "Portion/Region" of screen NOT Visible in vertical format because of screen Dimensional Limitations, or would require SCROLL ability within "Portion/Regional" User Defining Process. It would need to Auto Rotate back 90* to vertical format in Output Process. My solution is to Rotate screen within the process, but IT may be BETTER to "ALLOW SCROLL" in "Portion/Regional" User Defining Process if possible, because even with ROTATING Screen 90* you still have the Screen Width Limitations. To take it a step further would be to option MAGNIFICATION %. Everyone has different needs, but this would make it adaptable to a greater number of needs/strategies. This gives much more "USER" Control over the Screen Capture Process.

Let me know what you think and if you can make it happen.

Thanks again...

Rod Harrell
549A - 66th Street,
Oakland, California, 94609-1117, USA
(+01) 510-655-4966 (PST)


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